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From captivating social media ads to engaging brand videos, each piece in my portfolio represents the dedication, passion, and attention to detail I bring to every project.


Get inspired, explore my portfolio, and envision the possibilities for your own brand. Let's collaborate and bring your vision to reality.




DeVogue Life

DeVogue Life was launching a new baby carrier to their product line and wanted a UGC Creator that was capable of adequately showcasing the product's many value props.


  • As a mom myself, I understand how word-of-mouth marketing reigns supreme in the world of baby products. I opted to hook viewer attention by sharing that this product is good enough for all the new moms in my life.

  • This product has three unique carry styles and I wanted to showcase the many ways it can be used. That being said, the most distinguishing value prop is the ability to use this as a hip seat, so I decided to focus attention there.

  • The client and I agreed to feature my daughter in the video which added to its reliability and helps the viewer see the product in action.

  • I went with a strong call to action to encourage conversions.

Tomo Water Bottles

Tomo Bottles was in search of a UGC creator that could create a video for paid media ads that showcased their new Ruby Red water bottle in a relatable and engaging way.


  • I wanted to hook viewers in and instantly inspire them to purchase the bottle by creating a sense of desirability for the product.

  • I opted to showcase multiple products including the black tumbler, red keychain, and straw lid to highlight Tomo's diverse product line.

  • The decision to showcase multiple products as well as the reference to gift-giving also conveys my affinity for the product.

  • I drew attention to the product value props including the bottle's unique design, ability to keep water cold all day, and functionality.​

AI Bedtime Stories

With the recent launch of their app, "Ai Bedtime Stories," this client was looking for down-to-earth UGC ads for parents. They wanted it to feel natural and connect with the viewer to encourage app downloads.


  • I hooked the viewer with a very relatable and common experience of struggling to get children excited for bedtime.

  • The primary distinguishing value prop for this app is the ability to customize and create the story as you go, allowing children to be involved in the process.

  • Since AI is new technology and most people don't have experience with it, I made sure to show the app in action so viewers could understand how it works.

  • I ended the video with a visual that most parents can relate to of "children running away from their bed" and allowed them to picture what life could be like using this app.


ChipBot was looking for UGC videos that were educational in nature and didn't feel like advertisements. They didn't want strong CTAs but wanted to encourage engagement with the video.


  • In understanding their target audience - small business owners - I opted for a scroll-stopping hook that would irritate a pain point.

  • Because the client wanted the video to feel native, I opted to showcase the product on my personal website. The decision to film the computer screen (rather than screen recording) made the video feel more authentic.

  • The goal was to highlight ChipBot's ease of use for a busy small business owner who wears many hats and make the viewer the hero in the story.

  • I encouraged comments on the video by asking an open-ended question to kick start the conversation.

Norah Care

UGC Ads were a critical component in the release of the Elysia Period Pain Eraser from Norah Care. This video is 1 of a 3-part collection testing different hook structures to capture attention.


  • As this device is quite unique, it was important to showcase how the product is used and its features while talking about the value props.

  • I opted for a storytelling format in order to connect with the viewer and relate to their experience.

  • I also wanted to showcase the additional use cases for the product as well as its portability and discreet size.

  • I remind viewers that their one-time investment will bring them immediate and future value.


"Sarah is an amazing creator! She helped us a lot with the script editing and advice according to the format. And the video she made is totally perfect. Thank you so much, Sarah! I highly recommend everyone to work with Sarah."


"Really happy with the videos created. She did an amazing job. I was a bit vague on what I wanted her to create but she wrote a fab script & the video surpassed my expectations."




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